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The information contained in the following documents was valid at the time of the release of the Bid/RFP. All Bids/RFP’s are subject to change and Waukesha County reserves the right to make changes and improvements at any time without notice.

Due to the secure nature of the documents, detailed plans/drawings will not be posted for any Public Works related bids or RFPs for any Communications (Dispatch) Center, Jail, Law Enforcement Center, Huber Facility and Juvenile Center projects. Vendors who wish to receive a copy of the detailed plans/drawings are to contact the person listed in the bid or RFP document.

Amendment added  A flashing icon indicates that an amendment had been added to that Bid or Proposal. It is the bidder’s responsibility to check this website for any amendments, questions, revisions, etc., prior to the bid opening. Bids/RFP’s that do not return amendments may be rejected.

  1. Telephonic Bid/RFP Openings: Waukesha County conducts Bid/RFP openings telephonically instead of in-person. Posted Bids/RFPs include instructions for calling in using an access code.
  2. Bid/RFP Submittals: We strongly encourage all vendors to submit bids/proposals electronically in accordance with the bid submittal instructions stated in the Bid/RFP document. However, if you intend to mail or drop your bid/proposal off in person, review Bid/RFP documents for instructions regarding drop off location or call our Purchasing office at 262-548-7888 regarding up to date instructions that incorporates any access changes to County buildings. Allow yourself ample time to adjust to changes in building access if you intend to use drop off method in order to meet Bid/RFP due date/time deadlines. Be alert for amendments to Bids/RFPs that may alter due dates, schedules, etc.
AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT (ADA):  Waukesha County complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please contact us at (262) 548-7888 in advance of bid openings and efforts will be made to accommodate your needs.
ORGANIZATIONS TRANSACTING BUSINESS IN WISCONSIN:   Per statutory requirements, Vendors awarded business with Waukesha County, must be registered to do business in the State of Wisconsin. Chapters 178, 179, 180, 181, and 183 of the Wisconsin Statutes contain a general provision that the following organizations shall not transact business in the state of Wisconsin until it has obtained a certificate of authority or registration from the Department of Financial Institutions: a foreign (out-of-state) corporation, nonstock corporation, limited partnership, limited liability company, cooperative association, or limited liability partnership. Therefore, in order to be eligible for award, Firms meeting the above criteria must be registered to do business in the State of Wisconsin with the Department of Financial Institutions ( or 608-261-7577, within ten (10) business days after award but no later than prior to contract execution and/or issuance of a Purchase Order. For assistance regarding state statute requirements, contact the State of Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions.

SOLE PROPRIETORS:  If the Provider is a sole proprietor, a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) must be provided. If the Provider is a sole proprietor whose principal address is located outside of the state of Wisconsin, the Provider must also designate an agent in the State of Wisconsin for service of process and submit that contact information for the in-state agent to Purchaser prior to execution of any contract or Purchase Order.

PUBLIC WORKS BIDS:  Waukesha County posts and distributes information pertaining to its formal Public Works bids solicitations exclusively via a tool called Onvia DemandStar. Vendors are required to register to access free procurement documents and related information. Learn more at Waukesha County DemandStar. For additional questions, contact
  • Onvia Supplier Services 1-800-575-1736 (indicate you are registering through WAPP)
  • Waukesha County Division of Purchasing or
SURPLUS PROPERTY:  Waukesha County uses the online auction site for the sale of its obsolete and surplus items. Anyone may register at their website and bid on County items.
SUPPORTED BROWSERS:  This procurement website is optimized for Internet Explorer; use in other web browsers i.e. Chrome, Firefox, etc. can result in problems like repeated error messages and failure to download or open documents.

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